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The Albertsons Florida Blog - Celebrating One Year on the Web!

     I can't believe that one year ago today, I was sitting in front of my computer clicking the publish button for my first post, thinking "Will anybody really care about Albertsons Florida? Am I crazy for doing this?" Well, 365 days and 16,000+ hits later, my thinking has definitely changed! Other people really do care about Albertsons Florida, and here's a sampling of what others have had to say about the blog over the last year:

"I just wanted to tell you this blog is awesome...this website has been very interesting to read." - Graham of the Retro Palm Beach blog, e-mail comment

"Wow! I admire your dedication to this. Definitely brought back memories since I used to work there. Thanks for sharing." - Anonymous commentor on Former Albertsons #4466 - Port St. Lucie, FL

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you I adore your photo blog!...Keep up the great work!" - Adam Riches, e-mail comment

"Happy to have found this site former produce manager at 4372 Sarasota" - Anonymous commentor on the Store List

"I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your blog on the former Indian Harbour Beach Albertsons. You took great photos..." - Ropday, e-mail comment

"Congratulations for taking the plunge into blogging. I've been hoping for years that other people would get blogs going to show supermarket chains in other parts of the country." - The Acme Style Blogger, e-mail comment

     Going out and exploring all of these stores is a very interesting experience, and my photography skills have definitely been improving since I first began the blog. Although I wish I could have gone to explore more former Albertsons stores over the past year, it just wasn't meant to be. In total, 6 former Albertsons and 2 planned Albertsons stores were featured here over the last year in detail, which I will list below. Like I said before and so many times in the past, I really wish those totals could have been higher. 

     Anyway, out of the 27 posts currently live on the blog, two posts stood out above the rest, generating more hits than most of the others combined. The first, March's Will Kroger be the Next Supermarket Chain to Attempt Florida?, which addressed the rumors that have been swirling around about Kroger entering the state and a little background about their first failed attempt, was the most popular post I've done so far. There are a lot of people who really want to see Kroger come to Florida! Just read some of the pleas in the comments section of that post. The second most popular post, which generated almost as many hits as the Kroger post, was my documentation of Former Albertsons #4466 - Port St. Lucie, FL, an abandoned early 2000's store that once had a very strong following. That post features some of my best photos to date, and is my favorite post so far. If you're new to the blog and haven't read that post yet, definitely take the time to read it. Overall though, the Albertsons Florida Store List is the most popular attraction to the site, and the most complete list of Albertsons Florida (and Alabama) stores anywhere on the internet. 

     Thank you everyone for your support and contributions to the blog over the past year. And thank you for finding interest in my blog and for all the kind words I've received. I'd also like to give a special thanks the Acme Style blog for giving me the inspiration to start my own blog, and for helping to bring readers here back in the very beginning. I hope that next year I can bring even more stores to the blog than I did this year. There's still lots of adventures to be done, because I still have approx. 164 more stores to go until I have them the all featured here! Feel free to peruse the posts from the past year, reread your favorite entries, or discover something new. 

     Thanks for visiting the Albertsons Florida Blog, and be sure to check out the new store post below! And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! And don't eat all 12 Roasts of Christmas at once!

See you soon,
The Albertsons Florida Blogger

Former Albertsons #4466 - Port St. Lucie, FL
A Year in Review:

Former stores covered:

Planned Stores Covered:

Albertsons Florida Store Count: 4

Former Albertsons #4328 - Lake Worth, FL

Albertsons #4328
4481 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, FL
***Photos of this store courtesy of Graham of the Retro Palm Beach Blog***

     We'll be finishing off the year here on the Albertsons Florida Blog with this little blast from the past, courtesy of new Albertsons Florida Blog contributor Graham. Graham was able to provide us with some great classic photos of this store, as well as some current photos, which we'll be taking a look at below. The classic photo you see above was taken on December 1, 1978, approx. 1 week before this store's grand opening on December 6, 1978 (which, coincidentally, was exactly 36 years ago to the day when this post went live). The Lake Worth Albertsons was the first Albertsons in Palm Beach County, and the fourth Albertsons overall in South Florida (preceded by three stores in Broward County). Other than receiving an upgraded logo, the Lake Worth Albertsons stayed in practically original form until 2003, when the store was given an interior upgrade and reconfigured entryway, all of which we'll take a look at in more detail below. The Lake Worth Albertsons had a healthy 31 year run before finally meeting its end on October 22, 2009, the same day that three other Florida Albertsons stores on the West Coast of the state closed for good.  

     Now, jumping ahead to 2014, the former Lake Worth Albertsons has since become a location of Supermercado El Bodegon, a Hispanic supermarket chain with 4 locations throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties. This is actually the second Hispanic market to operate at this location since Albertsons closed. The first, which opened not long after Albertsons left the space, was called Presidente Supermarket. As far as the architecture of the store goes, this place still looks just like Albertsons left it on the day they closed, except with some new paint accents. This was a Skaggs Model Albertsons, modified with some early 2000's Albertsons elements during the 2003 remodel, like the archway over the reconfigured entryway and the crown molding type decoration along the roofline. Also, the liquor store at this location has a bit of an odd story behind it too, which I'll go into in more detail below. The photo above was taken at a similar angle to the classic photo from 1978 to show the then and now contrast. 

     Looking down the front of the store, you can see more of just how well this place has been preserved. Those stone panels that line the exterior of the store are original from 1978! Those stone walls were a staple element of Albertsons exteriors from the 70's all the way into the early 80's. They sometimes got covered up during remodels, however most of the time Albertsons left them in place. 

     Now looking down the left side of the building. Under that awning was the entrance/exit into the liquor store as well as a side entrance into the main store.

     According to Graham, this store's liquor store was once located here in the front right corner of the building, with the entrance located where that off-colored stone panel is currently located under the 'Restaurant' sign. Originally, the liquor store was located over on the left side of the building next to the side entrance, but at some point it was moved over here, probably when this store was remodeled sometime in the late 80's from the 70's Stripes to Blue and Gray interior. Then apparently during the 2003 remodel, the liquor store was moved back to its original location over on the left side. I've seen Albertsons move the liquor store entrance on some of these Skaggs model stores up to the front from the side of the building before to create more sales space for the liquor store, however, this is the first time I've ever heard of the liquor store being moved across the store, just to be put back where it originally was! Considering how off the color of that stone panel is, it does look like something was covered over there at one point. I'm just surprised Albertsons took the trouble to match the stones after all those years. Usually when Albertsons covers over old doors/windows in these Skaggs model stores, they just go with stucco and don't even bother with the stones. 

     Here's a closer look at that off-color panel:

     So that about covers the exterior. Now its time to head inside:

     ¡Muchas piñatas! Those piñatas hanging from the ceiling really make this store seem very festive as we look down the front end. According to Graham, this store is usually very busy.

     Looking into the Bakery and Albertsons' former Deli. which El Bodegon has since converted into a restaurant and dining area. Most Hispanic markets in Florida that I've been to typically have a restaurant counter that serves Hispanic foods in place of a deli like traditional supermarkets. This is located in the front right corner of the store. The department signage you see on the walls is from Albertsons' Industrial Circus interior from the early 2000's. This store got the more basic version of the signage, as there was a more elaborate, 3D version that was also used. El Bodegon left almost all of Albertsons' department signs hanging on the walls. As you can see in the photo above the lettering on the sign that once said "Fresh Deli" was replaced with "Restaurant", in red instead of Albertsons white letters. They were pretty good with matching the font on the rest of Albertsons old signs though. 

     Looking down the right side of the store from the Bakery/Restaurant into the produce department. You can see more of Albertsons' signage here as well. The basic layout from Albertsons has been retained here. 

     And moving over to the left side of the store, El Bodegon has added a row of small, independently operated storefronts along what was once the Frozen Food wall. This is another feature seen often in Hispanic oriented markets, especially in the Miami area. This store has a much larger selection of storefronts than I've typically seen.

     Here in the Meats department in the back of the store, if you look closely at the wall behind the meat cases, you can see some old wood paneling left over from Albertsons, original to 1978, which has since been painted brown.

     Now back toward the front of the store, the customer service counter (behind the candy rack) is located in the front left corner.

      One final interior photo before heading back outside. This is looking toward the side entrance and wall of small shops on the left side of the store. You can see one of Albertsons old wall decorations peeking out from behind the newly constructed shops. 

     As we head back outside, Graham noticed this electric car hookup in the parking lot. I'd have to assume El Bodegon put this in. I've never seen an Albertsons with one before. 

     And now on to Bird's Eye aerial images, courtesy of Bing Maps: 

Front - These aerials were taken during the time after Albertsons closed and before El Bodegon opened, which would probably date them back to early 2010.

Left Side - The side entrance and the liquor store are to the right side in this image. If you look closely at the left end of the building, you can see some stairs leading up to the backroom's second level door.

Back Side

Right Side

     And now for the historic aerial images, courtesy of Google Earth and

Former Albertsons #4328 - 2014 - The former Albertsons now as El Bodegon.

Albertsons #4328 - 2009 - Still a pretty healthy crowd shopping here even as the end nears. 

Albertsons #4328 - 2002 - The building still in its original form before the 2003 renovations.

Albertsons #4328 - 1995 - I'm really impressed with the crowds this store was able to draw over the years!

Albertsons #4328 - 1979 - The store not long after opening. Still mostly woods around the store, and some houses on larger sized lots.

Future Albertsons #4328 - 1968 - Little did the owners of all those small buildings there know that in 10 years, some newfangled supermarket chain would be buying them all out to build a "superstore of the future" on their property.

     Before I finish this post off, there's one more thing I'd like to mention. The aerial image above is of the former Albertsons and the neighboring shopping center, Mil-Lake Plaza. The reason I bring this shopping center up is because as I was looking up the satellite images to use in this post of the Albertsons, I spotted something not too common anymore and really interesting over there:

     A nearly perfectly preserved former Grand Union! You don't see too many of these in Florida anymore! Most of the ones I've discovered are completely unrecognizable or have since been torn down. This former Grand Union (now the Big Lots in the aerial image above), Store #506, and address 4515 Lake Worth Road, opened in 1982. It only spent two years as a Grand Union before closing in early 1984, when Grand Union pulled out of Florida. Based off the old Big Lots logo, it looks like they moved in not too long after the Grand Union closed.

     And before we finish off this post, I wanted to end with this awesome color artists' rendering of the former Lake Worth Albertsons that Graham also sent in. These 70's Albertsons stores didn't have much in terms of architectural uniqueness, but they still have more character than most current boring box stores. It's kind of hard to imagine urban Palm Beach County with that many trees in the background these days. Anyway, if you're looking to read up on some more of the old buildings and places from South Florida's past, be sure to click on over to Graham's new blog, Retro Palm Beach. His blog is dedicated to taking a look back at the many commercial buildings that helped shape Palm Beach County (and the rest of South Florida), plus he has lots of awesome classic photos there too! Thanks again for sending in these photos, and remember, everyone is welcome to submit photos of their local/former Florida Albertsons stores and memorabilia. 

So Until Next Time,

The Albertsons Florida Blogger

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another New Albertsons Blog - The Safeway and Albertsons in Texas Blog!

Former Albertsons #2758 in College Station, TX. Image by Pseudo3D from The Safeway-Albertsons Texas Blog
     First was the Acme Style Blog in 2009, then the Albertsons Florida Blog in 2013, and now for 2014 comes The Safeway and Albertsons in Texas Blog! Inspired by both Acme Style and the Albertsons Florida Blog, long time Texas retail blogger Pseudo3D of the Brazos Buildings & Businesses blog has decided to make a spin off blog about the Albertsons and Safeway (now technically a part of Albertsons) stores in his home state. He would like to note that his new blog is still a work in progress and likely to change in the near future, and he welcomes any constructive suggestions for improvement. Anyway, be sure to check it out by clicking on the link above and welcome him to the Albertsons family of retail blogs!

Until next time,
The Albertsons Florida Blogger     

Albertsons "We Think Like You Do" Commercial - 1989

     A vintage Albertsons commercial from 1989 for this month's Albertsons post. Come to think of it, I really don't remember any Albertsons commercials airing in Florida. Maybe they did at one time, but I really don't remember any going back to the early 2000's. 

Anyway, until next time,

The Albertsons Florida Blogger

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Albertsons Florida - Celebrating 40 Years of Serving The Sunshine State

     It was 40 years ago today that Albertsons opened their first store in Florida, located at 2170 Gulf-To-Bay Boulevard in Clearwater. Albertsons Florida has definitely had an interesting run here over the last 40 years. The first two decades of Albertsons Florida were looking bright, with expansion throughout the state. The third decade started to see some change, and much more pressure from their competitors, including a few minor scale backs and trip-ups for Albertsons Florida. The fourth decade was, well, I think we all know what happened to Albertsons Florida over the last decade. However, let's use today to look at some of the positives from Albertsons Florida's past. 

     Amazingly, that original Albertsons Florida store in Clearwater survives until this day, even after all the scaling back Albertsons has done over the last decade in Florida. Later this year, the Altamonte Springs store will also turn 40. I guess Albertsons knew what they were doing when they were picking out those first few sites, since two of the four original Albertsons stores from 1974 remain into the final four. 

    This year also marked Albertsons 75th year in business. To celebrate, they had their customers send in their stories about their first memories of Albertsons, their experiences with Joe Albertson, and their experiences over the years with Albertsons in general (you can read more about that here). So I figured why not do the same here, but with a Florida twist? What were some of your stories of Albertsons Florida over the last 40 years? Feel free share them in the comments section of this post. If you would like to read some of the "Joe Stories" that Albertsons has been collecting over the last few months, you can check some of them out here (although the website they dedicated to this seems to have been taken down). 

     As for what the next decade of Albertsons Florida has in store, who knows what will happen. I've always felt that their keeping of those four stores meant something, like they're not quite done with Florida yet. They didn't completely leave the state yet, with those four stores surviving the last two years practically isolated from the rest of the chain, so who knows what the next few years has in store. 

So Until Next Time,

The Albertsons Florida Blogger

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Planned Albertsons #43XX - 9th Street N. & 94th Avenue N., St. Petersburg, FL

Black and white satellite images courtesy of This is a 1969 image of the intersection of 9th St. N. (Dr. Martin Luther King St. N.) and 94th Avenue N. in St. Petersburg.
     October 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Albertsons entering Florida. For this month's featured post I decided to do something in Albertsons Florida's home territory of Pinellas County, where the two of the first four Albertsons Florida stores opened in late 1974. When Albertsons first decided to enter the Florida market in early 1974, they announced they were going to open four new stores in Clearwater (#4301), St. Petersburg (#4302, 4th St. N.), Winter Park (#4303), and Altamonte Springs (#4304). However, unknown to most, Albertsons was actually planning to open 5 stores during their initial Florida push. This post is dedicated to that long forgotten and mysterious fifth store that was never built.

     The fifth Albertsons Florida store was planned to be built at the corner of 9th St. N. (also referred to as Dr. Martin Luther King St. N.) and 94th Ave. N. at the northernmost reaches of St. Petersburg, near the Gandy Bridge. This satellite image above is of that intersection in 1969. By the time Albertsons would have came along, a Kmart store had already been built at the northwest corner of this intersection.

     And this is where the mystery comes in. The pending construction of this store was mentioned in a February 12, 1974 article of The Evening Independent, The St. Petersburg Times former evening edition. The article talked about Albertsons' big push into Florida and the other new stores that were being built in the area (along with all the wonderful features Albertsons would bring to Florida). This article is the only reference online or anywhere to the 9th and 94th Albertsons ever existing, however details in the article were quite vague about this store. The only other known information on this store was that construction was to start in the summer of 1974, although that never was to be. I'm not even sure which of the two available corners was supposed to be the one this store was to be built on (it could have been either the northeast or southwest corner, however I'm leaning toward the southwest corner due to the shape of the lot and the fact it looks like there were some wetlands on the northeast corner).

     I wonder why this store was never constructed in the first place. Did locals not want it? Was zoning or some other government agency giving Albertsons a hard time? Could Albertsons have been trying to build over those wetlands on the northeast corner, which upset environmentalists? Due to how long ago the plans for this store were scrapped, information on it is hard to come by. Both of the potential sites were later developed as something else though. The northeast corner is now home to a hotel and office buildings, and the southwest corner is now a community of apartment complexes, which you can see below. 

The same area as pictured above in 2014. Image courtesy of Google Earth. Both of the potential Albertsons sites have since been redeveloped for other uses. The Kmart on the northwest corner became a Sears Essentials in 2005, and later closed in 2008. The building was torn down in 2013 for a new office complex, which is under construction in this image.
     After the plans for this store were mysteriously scrapped, Albertsons never pursued building another store in this area. The Pinellas Park Albertsons (#4349), which wouldn't open until 1982 about 3.5 miles west on Gandy Boulevard, was to become the closest Albertsons to this site. 

    As always, if anyone can add any information to the history of this planned store, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until Next Time,
The Albertsons Florida Blogger

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Former Albertsons #4345 - West Palm Beach, FL

Albertsons #4345
1901 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL
Pine Trail Square
***Photos of this store courtesy of Osi Florida on Flickr***

     What you're actually looking at in the photo above is the Liquor Store entrance to this former Albertsons. I decided to start this post off with a side shot since the front of this store has had its original Albertsons entryway ripped off and reconfigured, and this side entrance was made to look just like the original, just smaller, and complete with an all too recognizable Albertsons labelscar! 

     This store first opened in 1981 as Albertsons second store in Palm Beach County, after the Lake Worth store (#4328). This store originally opened with the 70's Stripes interior, and was later remodeled to the Blue and Gray Market interior sometime during the 90's. Albertsons modernized the exterior of this store in the early 2000's shortly before they began to pull out of Florida, which is when they added all the exterior arches. Although the exterior was modified at that time, the interior wasn't, so this store had the Blue and Gray interior all the way until its closure in 2009. After sitting vacant for approximately 2 years, this store became one of hhgregg's first South Florida locations during their push to enter the state. hhgregg took up the leftmost two thirds of the former Albertsons building, with the right third still sitting vacant.

     While it seems like hhgregg left most of the Albertsons exterior intact, they completely removed and reconfigured the original Albertsons entryway in order to make it the standard hhgregg entryway, which you can see in the photo above.

     A zoomed out shot of the Liquor store entrance, still all original on the exterior. I like these arches that Albertsons added in the early 2000's. Albertsons did a really nice exterior remodel of this older store.

     Doors that once led into the Liquor store.

     This one original Albertsons decal stating rules and regulations remains on the glass between the two doors.

     Now for a look inside:

     ...And nothing. Completely gutted. Not a trace of anything Albertsons remains inside here anymore, unfortunately. This would have been looking directly into the Liquor store.

     Looking down into where the Bakery, Deli, and Produce departments would have been.

     Now for Bird's Eye Aerial Images (Courtesy of Bing Maps):

Front - The Albertsons is sitting abandoned here. This is what the original entryway looked like before hhgregg moved in. 

Right Side - The former Liquor store entrance is under the arch on the left.


Left side

     Historic Aerials (Courtesy of Google Earth and

Pine Trail Square overview - 2014 - The Albertsons building is the large one in the middle. Now for some closer looks at the Albertsons building below.

Former Albertsons #4345 - 2014 - hhgregg has moved in at this point.

Former Albertsons #4345 - 2011 - Still sitting abandoned in this image.

Albertsons #4345 - 2006 

Albertsons #4345 - 2002 - This is the building before the exterior renovations that modified the entryway and added the arches around the building.

Albertsons #4345 - 1994

Future Albertsons #4345 - 1979 - Historic Aerials has coverage of this area, however the next oldest image they have from before 1994 is from before the Albertsons or adjoining shopping center was built.

     I'd like to thank Osi Florida for sharing his photos of this store with us. Remember, photo contributions to the Albertsons Florida Blog are always welcome!

Until next time,

The Albertsons Florida Blogger