Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Modern Publix Mural

Photo courtesy of Rob Z.
     Today, August 31, 2017, marks the grand opening of Publix #1567 (Publix at Hamlin Cove) in Winter Garden, FL. While Publix openings aren't typically anything special (Publix is constantly growing, and they open 30-40 stores a year at least) this particular new Publix has a few interesting characteristics to it. AFB contributor Rob Z. sent in a few photos of this store after he noticed something unique about the exterior. While the design of this particular Publix is rather nice (especially with the extra windows - most modern Publix stores don't have that many windows), he noticed this Publix has a mural on the front of it. While I don't think this particular mural is made of tiles like the classic Publix ones, I thought it was pretty neat to see a modern Publix with a mural on the front of it. It's sort of a Publix throwback feature. According to an article I read, this store's mural depicts an orange grove, which is what this store was built on top of. The Publix sign on the bracket above the building is also another 80's/90's throwback for Publix - I don't think I've ever seen that treatment on a Publix built after the mid-90's before.

Photo courtesy of Rob Z.
     Here's an overview of the mural itself, located to the left of the entrance. It's rather big.

Photo courtesy of The Orange Observer
     In case you want to know more about this particular Publix, the Orange Observer has a rather nice write up about this store's opening, which you can read here.

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    1. It is very cool indeed. My friend, Plato the Publixaurus, likes it.

  2. With the opening of Publix #1567, Publix operates 1,155 stores with 1,051 pharmacies; of that, 776 stores with 685 pharmacies are in Florida.