Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Photo courtesy of wftv.com
     UPDATE 10/5/16 - I'm officially suspending this Sunday's post. Matthew is looking to be quite the mess. Stay tuned for more updates.

     As you may have heard, Hurricane Matthew will be making its way toward Florida's East Coast later this week. Right now its track still shows it staying off of the coast (very slightly at this point), but it doesn't look too promising. Anyway, my area is probably going to be getting the worst of it, and I will probably end up losing power over the weekend. If I lose power, this Sunday's post may be suspended until further notice. I just wanted to give everyone a warning now in case you don't see a new post this Sunday. If a post shows up this Sunday, everything will continue as planned. If not, I'll give an update with a new schedule when I get a chance, after seeing how the events of the next few days play out.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep everyone informed. Here's hoping for the best,



  1. Matthew is definitely a storm to take seriously! I've been tracking and studying hurricanes since I was 13 as a hobby (my email account probably gives that away).What's particularly unsettling about Matthew is that many of the reliable computer models recurve the storm in 180 degree fashion, back potentially toward northeast Florida. Stay safe over there!

    1. Thankfully Matthew spared my area. We only got Category 1 force winds by me, and most damage was limited to sown branches. It looks like it won't be coming back either, as the track seems to be taking it up into the North Atlantic to fizzle out.