Thursday, May 26, 2016

Out With the Albertsons, In With the Safeway (In Altamonte Springs)

Safeway #3304
503 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL - Palm Springs Center

     Today's Safeway mini-post will feature some photos that have been sent in to the blog of the Altamonte Springs store. The first five pictures were sent in by contributor Jay, who happened to be at the store a few days ago as the sign crew was finishing installation of the new Safeway signs. In the photo above, you can see the sign crew putting the finishing touches on the pharmacy sign, which is located over the left side entry. As we saw in past photos covering the remodel of the Largo store, the Altamonte store also received an exterior refresh as a part of the remodel. This is what this store looked like before the renovations began.

     The next few photos show the installation of the new Liquor store sign:

     Liquo_. Only one more letter to go...

     And there's the new Liquor sign ready to go!

     Finally, Jay provided us with confirmation that the Altamonte store will be providing grocery delivery as well with this picture of one of their trucks. A commentor over on the "Bring Safeway Right to your Door!" post mentioned that Altamonte had 5 or 6 trucks of their own. I can only assume that Oakland Park will be offering grocery delivery as well if the other two stores are. Considering Publix's rocky relationship with grocery delivery, and the fact that nobody else in Florida really offers this service, I think grocery delivery will probably work out well for Safeway.

     Thanks again Jay for sending in those pictures! Now for a few more pictures sent in by contributor Ian W.:

     This exterior picture of the Altamonte store that Ian sent in was taken a day or two after the ones taken by Jay. They're really not fooling anybody with that banner covering the Safeway sign. Even in the few days (actually, few weeks) before this switch became official, these stores were pretty much Safeways already in look and feel.

     Another thing Ian wanted to point out was that Safeway is still using Albertsons' cookie recipe. These are the famous Albertsons cookies, however Safeway ditched the old Albertsons purple bag in favor of these plastic containers.

     Ian also said the recipe for the dinner rolls was kept the same as well, so it's probably safe to assume the rest of the bakery goods (and probably deli items) from Albertsons that we all remember will remain as they were. Thanks for not messing that up Safeway!

     Thanks again Ian for sending in those photos! Tomorrow another Safeway mini-post, this time from the Largo store.

So until then,

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  1. I noticed the Safeway's website for Largo's ad, at the lower left it says EAS instead of HOU. Did it transfer to the Eastern Division? Hmmm.

    1. I'm pretty sure Florida is now in the Eastern division, based off of some evidence that I was going to post tomorrow. Considering you saw that, I'd say the switch is official then.