Friday, October 5, 2018

The End of Pub Lion

     Just announced today, the only perfectly in-tact Pub Lion will be no more come 2019. According to this article, Publix will replace the 31,000 square foot former Food Lion building with their typical 46,000 square foot model. The article says the new store will open in December 2019, so my guess is this store will stay open as-is through Christmas 2018 (it usually takes about 10 months for Publix to demolish and rebuild a store, and closing a store this close to the Christmas season rush seems like a bad idea). It's not surprising this news considering how cramped this store is and how small the service departments are (and how much like a Food Lion this place feels), but it's sad to see one of the most bizarre Publix stores meet its demise. If you want to see this one-of-a-kind Publix, you have another 2-3 months to make your way to Fort Pierce to do so. For complete AFB coverage of this store, you can check out my post here.


  1. Publix #1102 has been due for a replacement store.

    The new 46,000-square-foot store will have pharmacy with drive-thru and liquor.

    1. I figured this announcement would come eventually considering how cramped this store is, although I'm surprised Publix operated in this building in mostly original form for nearly 15 years before building a replacement.