Sunday, November 27, 2016

Publix's Classiest Hour

Publix #577
2750 Martin Downs Boulevard, Palm City, FL - Town Square at Martin Downs

     This post is a follow-up to the post "Publix's Waviest Hour", featured on the blog back in April. That post featured some contributor photos of Publix #577 from 1997, before this store opened to the public. In that post we got to see this store with it's classic 90's Wavy Pastel interior completely in tact, as well as some interesting perspectives from a yet-to-be-opened grocery store. Today, new AFB contributor KneeDeepInLittleBoys has sent in some photos of the current state of this store, which is currently in the process of being remodeled from the 2nd Generation Classy Market interior to the 3rd Generation Classy Market interior. KneeDeepInLittleBoys visits this store quite often, and has kindly shared these remodel photos with us:

     From the bakery looking back at the meat dept (right rear of the store). (See the bakery in 1997 by clicking here).

     This store was still fairly early on in the remodeling process when these photos were taken. Pretty much all of the old decor had been taken down by this point, and prep work for the new paint and new signage was just beginning.

     The deli (right front corner).

     Front looking towards deli, registers on the right.

     Meat and seafood.


     Looking towards the front from the wine dept. (See the front end in 1997 by clicking here).

     Along the back of the store, dairy looking towards produce in the left rear. (See the back wall in 1997 by clicking here).


     Front left corner, standing in produce. (For a similar view in this direction from 1997, click here). Behind that plastic curtain in the photo above is where the pharmacy is being reconstructed.

     So that's all I have for now. Be sure to come back a week from Tuesday for the next feature post! Thanks again KneeDeepInLittleBoys for sending in those photos!

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  1. That is the good thing about publix they keep up with remodels always trying to keep stores refreshed. I know its not the case in every store but allot of their stores are fresh and not stale

    1. Publix is very good about remodeling, and presentable stores is one of the many things that helps reinforce their reputation as a classy store. They're one of a few chains that can keep 20+ year old stores looking modern.