Sunday, March 20, 2016

AFB Presents - A Very Dated Winn-Dixie

Satellite Image Courtesy of Bing Maps
     Thanks to Grafe Auction's many pictures of the closed stores whose fixtures they liquidate, here's another interesting store I stumbled across. This is the former Winn-Dixie located at 3201 W. Colonial Drive in Orlando. This was a pretty old Winn-Dixie (Store #2300) that dated back to the 60's, but was expanded over the years and received a facade upgrade in the late 90's. However, shortly after that in the early 2000's, this store was converted into Winn-Dixie's then new price impact format called Save Rite (Store #2656), which is what the store was branded as in the satellite image above. This Save Rite managed to last through the bankruptcy, where many Save Rite stores were closed, and was one of 6 remaining Save Rite stores when Winn-Dixie finally decided to retire the brand in 2011. When the brand was retired, the Save Rite stores were converted back to Winn-Dixies (and this store was Winn-Dixie #2656 for its remaining few years). Winn-Dixie finally decided to give up on this store completely in November 2014. I remember when the news did a story on this store's closure, a bunch of people said it was for the best as this place was horribly old, outdated, and in poor shape. Looking at the exterior, you wouldn't think it could look that horribly outdated inside, right? Well, thanks to the photographers for Grafe Auctions, who liquidated the fixtures at this store after it closed, we get to see just how outdated the interior at this store actually was. So let's take a peek:

This photo and all of the following images are courtesy of Grafe Auction and
     Even after the store converted back to Winn-Dixie, all Winn-Dixie did was put a new sign on the front of the building and restock the shelves. They left all of the old Save Rite decor in place (I think that's what this is), which really doesn't compliment a full line grocery store very well. It makes this store feel more like and independent market that opened in 1988.

      But it was this next image that really got me:

     The old 80's neon deli was still being used until 2014! When this was Save Rite, there wouldn't have been a full service deli, as Save Rite didn't offer service departments like most discount grocery chains. Winn-Dixie must have blocked this area off during the Save Rite days, then just reopened it when the store became Winn-Dixie again. Getting rid of this store may have been a good call for Winn-Dixie, as stores like this are what keeps people's perception of Winn-Dixie's stores as dirty and outdated thriving. And most people still think that way, even after Winn-Dixie's multiple attempts to turn themselves around since the bankruptcy. It's practically become ingrained in many people's minds, so Winn-Dixie still has their work cut out for them if they ever want to change that perception.

     There weren't too many pictures of this store in the album on the auction company's website, but here's the link to it if you want to take a look at the few other photos of this store there.

     So that wraps up my two posts from the Grafe Auction pictures. If you want, Grafe's website has lots of pictures taken at closed stores from different brands all over the country if you're ever bored and want to look through some pictures.

So that's all I have for now. Until next time,

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  1. You need to visit the store on E. hillsbourgh ave. in out dated...built new in 1998then closed sat empty for a year or two ..then reopened as save rite. then converted back to winn Dixie. all they did here is change the sign out side. still has original décor from 1998

    1. Surprising that they didn't put in Save Rite decor before that store reopened. The exterior of the store doesn't look too bad with the new logo, and almost hints at the store have being remodeled, so it must be a shock once you go inside and see all of the old stuff still there.

  2. Weird, the display cases here all look relatively new, maybe early 2000s. Most of the older Winn Dixies, even the ones that got the minor maroon/purple remodels, typically only got new produce cases at most with the rest still being from the 80s.

    Yet this store has all newer ones but the decor is what seems to date it.

    I don't recall what the neon deli sign looked like, but it could be 80s. I don't remember any with those red lamps, but I do recall some from the 70s with stained glass lamps.

    1. Some of the newer cases could date back to when this store was converted to Save Rite in the early 2000's, or Winn-Dixie could have sent some of them over from a closed store when this store was reconverted back to Winn-Dixie in 2011. There was am 80's Winn-Dixie near me which just closed this past November, and it still had all of its cases with the red/orange/etc. trim from the 80's until the very end.

      There was definitely something strange about this store. The neon deli sign looked more 80's to me, but the now painted over wooden texturing on the wall is what didn't look right to me for the 80's interior. Maybe it was a slightly modified 70's deli.

  3. This store was called table supply in late 80’s early 90’s