Tuesday, May 12, 2020

End of an Era - The Last Goodings Closes for Good

     Just a quick update for everyone, as I don't have the time right now for a full length discussion on this. The last Gooding's store has closed permanently, news that broke today. Due to the downturn in tourism from coronavirus (and tourists being this store's livelihood), Gooding's is no more. This store was already living on borrowed time to an FDOT highway project that was to overtake the entire shopping plaza Gooding's was located in, but corona expedited the closure process of much of the plaza (including Gooding's). An article about the store's closure can be found here, with my detailed coverage of the store here for those of you unfamiliar with Gooding's, or those who want a refresher on the place.

That's all I have for now, so until the next post,


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  1. Oh well, another Florida Retail is gone. Office Depot is, Luria Catalog Showroom, USave...