Thursday, May 11, 2017

Southeastern Grocers Closings - Summer 2017

Soon to Be Former Winn-Dixie - West Melbourne, FL

     After a good long while of silent one-off closures, Winn-Dixie's parent company has announced that 20 Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, and Harvey's stores will be closing this summer, the first mass round of store closings the company has done since 2014. I figured SEG would have to do a closing round at some point considering their lackluster financial state. Winn-Dixie isn't releasing a complete list of the closing stores, so this is what I was able to come up with for what may be the 20 effected stores online. All of the following stores are confirmed to be closing by July 2017:

Update 5/14/2017 - Two more South Carolina BI-LO stores have been announced to be closing. It appears this closing round will not be stopping at 20...

Update 5/17/2017 - The BI-LO in Irmo, SC was announced to be closing. South Carolina will now be losing 7 BI-LO stores total, the most closings in any of the effected states.

Update 5/23/2017 - The BI-LO in Newton, NC was announced to be closing.

Winn-Dixie #72 - 7534 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL
Winn-Dixie #116 - 110 Paul Russell Road, Tallahassee, FL
Winn-Dixie #678 - 9822 South US Highway 301, Riverview, FL
Winn-Dixie #2392 - 7053 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL

Winn-Dixie #97 - 4404 Altama Avenue, Brunswick, GA
Winn-Dixie #482 - 1100 Hunt Avenue, Columbus, GA
Harvey's Supermarket #1624 - 2425 Sylvester Road, Albany, GA

Winn-Dixie #429 - 800 Noble Street, Anniston, AL
Winn-Dixie #460 - 5841 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, AL

Winn-Dixie #472 - 2014 Highway 45 North, Meridian, MS
Winn-Dixie #1512 - 1444 E. Pass Road, Gulfport, MS

Winn-Dixie #1353 - 851 Brownswitch Road, Slidell, LA
Winn-Dixie #1408 - 4600 Chef Menteur Highway, New Orleans, LA
Winn-Dixie #1555 - 3803-F Moss Street, Lafayette, LA

South Carolina:
BI-LO #5113 - 3270 Boiling Springs Road, Boiling Springs, SC
BI-LO #5513 - 365 Riverside Drive (Stonewall Jackson Boulevard), Orangeburg, SC
BI-LO #5526 - 7949 Broad River Road, Irmo, SC
BI-LO #5593 - 2640 W. Palmetto Street, Florence, SC
BI-LO #5720 - 1329 West Highway 160, Fort Mill, SC
BI-LO #5758 - 4430 Highway 17, Murrells Inlet, SC
BI-LO #5760 - 50 Burnt Church Road, Bluffton, SC

North Carolina:
BI-LO #5200 - 5336 Docia Crossing Road, Charlotte, NC
BI-LO #5229 - 2725 Northwest Boulevard, Newton, NC
BI-LO #5620 - 651 W. Mills Street, Columbus, NC

     Not a part of this round, but a Winn-Dixie in Belleview, FL (Store #2205 - 10393 US 441) closed earlier this year. That store was silently closed in order for the town's other store (an ex-Sweetbay) to get the current "Down Down" remodel. I'm not sure about BI-LO, but that was the only other 2017 closing I can think of out of Winn-Dixie. In total, the list above includes 20 stores, so that should be all of the effected stores. However, I wouldn't doubt it if one or two more stray closures pop up in the near future. Thank you Jackson C., WilliamMillicanHSC4564, Google, and others for helping in the compilation of this list! If you know of any other effected Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, or Harvey's stores that will be closing this summer, please let me know and I will add it to this list.

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  1. Read about another closing in Montgomery AL.

  2. There were two stores in Louisiana (in the Baton Rouge area) that despite Winn-Dixie's assurances they would be reopened after devastating 2016 floods, ended up being sold to Shoppers Value Foods.

    These closures knock Winn-Dixie down to 12 stores in MS, despite about 40 in LA (mostly New Orleans). With Lafayette now gone entirely and Baton Rouge weakening, I doubt that even New Orleans could save them. It would be nice to see Albertsons move in before those stores get any more run-down though.

    1. Interesting, yet not surprising to hear that considering the recent cutbacks. Surprisingly, the Winn-Dixie in Cocoa Beach, which was a very old 70's store that had its roof torn off during Hurricane Matthew in October, is being completely remodeled and is set to reopen this June (last I knew - there was a fire that broke out during the construction earlier this month that could have pushed that back more). I guess that store draws enough tourist traffic to justify its reopening, as I didn't think they would go through the trouble of rebuilding the entire interior.

      I think Winn-Dixie will probably pull out of Baton Rouge and other areas outside of New Orleans first before they tried getting out of Louisiana entirely, as they don't seem to be in any rush to start selling off groups of outlying stores to others. Mississippi isn't looking promising either for them, and it would probably be in their best interest to sell off the Louisiana stores before they become a stranded division if they begin to start closing more stores in Mississippi.

    2. Mississippi is so weak at this point (apparently it always has been pretty weak, one of the motivations of buying all those Jitney Jungle stores was to bolster the market share) that Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, will become an outlier division.

      The fact that they haven't rebranded any stores to Harveys or Fresco y Más in LA or MS suggests that SEG isn't interested in the brand in the long haul and is happy to run down leases or sell to interested parties. Since SEG and its parent company Lone Star Funds are not public companies, they aren't pressured to do something about failing divisions but they don't have to worry about blowback if they wanted to a shakedown reorganization.

    3. I do not know why Southeastern Grocers wants to invest money into reopening an underachieving Winn-Dixie #2325, Canaveral Plaza, 100 Canaveral Plaza Boulevard, Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931-3520. The store has seen its hours of operation reduced and its pharmacy department closed.

      Publix #107, Banana River Square, 2067 North Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931-3312, is either expanding or closing for new rebuild store.

  3. I project more stores will close in time. There are a handful of underachieving stores and stores with expiring leases that are candidates for closure. Many of these closed food and pharmacy departments, reduced hours of operation, and have reduced work forces.

    1. I agree with that prediction. Many of their stores are on running on borrowed time, and it would probably be less painful to just close those stores then to try to prolong them by cutting services and staff, as that won't help anything.

    2. Reducing hours of operation, closing service departments, discontinuing customer services, and reducing work force are reasons to lose customers to competitors. Customers have left for better grocery participants. Southeastern Grocers is making decisions not to retain or attract customers.

  4. I can't take credit for helping you with this list.

    Anyway, while Winn-Dixie continues to die a slow death (like Kmart), both Kroger and Publix both recently revealed that they were testing out Meal Kits in select stores.

    1. I hate to say Southeastern Grocers (BI-LO, Frescyo Y Más, Harvey's Supermarkets, and Winn-Dixie) has ran its course. More locally announced store closings will be common.

  5. feels like old times again

  6. My local Winn-Dixie at 7580 University Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792 was closed earlier this year without notice. I literally shopped there on a weekend, then went back the week after and was closed. I used to shop there frequently. The nearest Winn-Dixie around that area is at least 15-20 minutes away..

    1. I actually went by that store myself back in December as I was curious to see what Winn-Dixie did to that old Florida Choice building. It was the last Winn-Dixie around for a good distance in that area. I have some photos of that store I will be sharing later this year on the blog.

  7. Reports are that Harveys are closing in Hazlehurst and Statesboro (both GA). Both appear to be Harveys originally.

  8. There were two reported closures of Harveys in Georgia, one in Statesboro and one in Hazlehurst. Both were originally Harvey's pre-"conversion" though one was a Food Lion that was converted later.

    1. Statesboro's two Harvey's stores converted to Food World in 2014 according to an article I found (, and their store locator isn't showing any other locations in town. I can't find anything else about the Hazlehurst store, but that one could be likely.

  9. Word on the street that Winn Dixie is looking at several Central FL stores for closing. Likely to be announced in the next few months.

    1. I can believe it, and I can think of a few that would be likely candidates.

    2. Several other BI-LO stores in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina are speculated to close. Affected stores are those with expiring leases, those that have closed food and pharmacy departments, and those that are underachieving.

  10. Winn Dixie always sold Name Brands above the competitive price while Publix sold their's lower c Publix always had carry out service but Winn Dixie never did. Publix always went after the younger customers while Winn Dixie did not
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