Thursday, May 1, 2014

The All New Store Models & Interiors Tab Is Now Here! (And Other Announcements)

     For a while I've been mentioning that I'd be getting around to putting something together that would explain the Albertsons interiors. Well, here it is in the all new Store Models & Interiors tab! While it might not seem like much right since there aren't many pictures, I tried to include links to existing photos online so you could see what these interiors look like. I hope to get some of my own photos on there soon, along with some better photos to replace some of the grainy ones. Along with the Albertsons interiors, I've also decided to put explanations of Publix and Winn-Dixie store models and interiors there also as they'll be coming up here and on my flickr page pretty often. With the introduction of the new tab, the Albertsons Store Model directory has also been moved from the Useful Information tab to the new Store Models & Interiors tab. Be sure to check out all of the new information there!

     Also, there will be a special bonus post going up this Saturday, May 3rd, featuring one of  my favorite things from Florida retail history. The following Saturday, May 10th, there will be a post featuring a tour of another former Albertsons store. Hope to see you then!

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