Sunday, October 21, 2018

Former Safeway Reopening Dates

Publix sign going up on the front of the new Largo Mall Publix on October 23, 2018. Photo courtesy of Dave M.
     Thanks to some information from commentor Publixaurus Knight, we now have a confirmed reopening date of the three former Safeway Florida stores as Publix. All three stores (Altamonte Springs, Largo, and Oakland Park) will reopen as Publix on November 1, 2018 at 7am, complete with grand opening festivities for those who may wish to go the very first day. From what I have seen, Publix has only repainted these stores to add their current interior decor, leaving behind the old Safeway layouts and many of the old Safeway fixtures. For a look at some of the recent progress at the Largo store, you can check out the progress in this flickr album from duckman66, who's been checking up on the Largo store the last few months.

More to come on this soon!



  1. I saw pictures of this Publix store's grand opening, as well as the one in Oakland Park. It looks like they did in fact, only do a repaint and department signage change in this store. They left the wood flooring and it appears the refrigerator cases and freezers from Safeway. I don't think I've ever seen a store where Publix reused the existing equipment, but in these stores since they were brand new, they made an exception. At least for now, although I wouldn't expect to see a remodel anytime soon, since everything was brand new.

    1. With everything in these stores being so new, I'm sure Publix figured it was wise to reuse as much as they could. While a practical move in this circumstance, I can't think of any other examples where Publix kept fixtures and coolers from one of their predecessors whose buildings they take over. It will be interesting to see what happens with these stores, and if Publix does any more major work to them in the coming months to make them feel more like a Publix.

  2. Correction: Publix #1663 in LARGO, FL has an aisle 11. Some of the aisles are split aisles.