Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Blog

Hello everyone!

The orange ball in downtown Orlando has officially dropped, meaning that 2014 has officially begun!

2014 is a big year for Albertsons. This year marks Albertsons' 75th year in business and Albertsons' 40th year in Florida. Not only that, but 2014 will mark the official launch of the Albertsons Florida Blog! Whoo-hoo!

Will 2014 be a good year or a bad year for Albertsons? Supposedly sales were pretty good in 2013 throughout the entire chain, but my main concern is those final four Florida stores. Will they make it through the year? Will Florida get a fifth Albertsons in 2014? While I can give a pretty certain answer to that second question, the first still bugs me. I've been told by some that those four stores wouldn't last more than another year and that they should have been shut down with the last round of closings. Yet here they still are, isolated from the rest of the chain.

My new years' resolution is to go visit as many Albertsons Florida stores, past and present, that I can. As always, feel free to contribute your own photos and info on any of the Albertsons Florida stores, and any Sweetbay photos (more on that below). Sweetbay's clock is running out soon.

I want to make this blog as great as it can be. Let's make 2014 a great, Albertsons filled, year. First official store post to go up in early March. For now, enjoy all of the Albertsons store info tables (lots of good stuff there) and the store map.

Happy New Year to all, and tell all of you friends about us!
The Albertsons Florida Blogger

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  1. Albertsons sold it distribution center to a Gordon food service and they are supplying food to the remaining Albertsons stores.
    There were rumors the last four stores were going to be sold to Kroger but they backed out.
    I think there may be a chance of more Albertsons in florida but with walmarts neighborhood markets popping up, I doubt we ever see more stores